Halloween 2019: Knight and Dragon

After coming back from a trip to Florida, the kids were excited about the astonaut and knight costumes they saw at Disney and NASA. I pointed Doug to some online tutorials for craft foam helmets. He got really excited about the idea and put some together. They came out great!

The kids trying on their astronaut and knight helmets.

Now that Doug had the basic idea from the tutorials, he kept going…

A breastplate to match the helmet.

And going!

The whole costume.

I didn’t have a chance to help out with the knight costume! But Cole decided he wanted to be a dragon to match, so I took him to the store to pick out a fabric for the body of the costume.

The perfect dragon scales.

I modified a footie pajama pattern to sew the body of the costume while Doug crafted the dragon mask out of foam.

The body. I didn't have to worry about getting the neck right because it was under the mask.

The mask before painting.

The wings were the hardest part. We agreed they could fit on the body like a backpack in order to make the whole thing easy to get on and off. They wouldn’t be sturdy enough for a little kid to run around in if they were made just of craft foam, so Doug made a base out of PEX pipe and layered foam and the fabric for the body over it to shape the wings. We made “staps” out of the same scale fabric we used for the body.

The wings.

Finally, Doug made dragon claws out of craft foam and glued them to gloves.

The claws being put together.

At the end, we had one happy dragon!

The finished dragon costume.

An epic battle.

The race for candy.