Calvin Hobbes Moleskine Cover

I had a lot of fun making the Marauder’s Map Fields Notes Cover, and I wanted to try something just a little bit more complex. Plus I needed a cover for a bigger journal. So I decided to extend the field notes cover in Illustrator to fit a 5″x8.25″ Moleskine Cahier Journal, and add a pen loop and snap.

Here’s a link to my design, in case anyone wants to use it. It looks like this:

This is just a preview so you can see how it would be laid out. Click the link to the design above for downloadable svg.

After finishing the design, I fired up the Glowforge. There were only a few steps from there to a finished journal:

  • Mask the leather. I find this helps keep the leather stable on the bed of the laser, in addition to preventing scorch marks.
  • Cut out the design on the Glowforge, etching an image of Calvin Hobbes on top.
  • Dye and finish the leather.
  • Put a snap on each side of the clasp.
  • Saddle-stitch the pieces together.
  • Sand down the edges a bit.

The finished product.

How the pen holder works.

How it fits around the moleskine journal.