Sandblasting Pint Glasses and Stemless Wine Glasses

We have been running out of glasses lately and I’ve been thinking about decorating my own. I’ve seen some cool pictures of frosted glass online and wanted to try something like that myself. The first thing I tried was etching cream, which is pretty cheap and easy to find, but I ran into some big problems.

You can see where the etching cream leaked at the top of the glass, and where it dripped around the back.

The etching cream leaked through my stencil and around the glass, and the spots it was supposed to etch were blotchy and not deeply etched. Worse, the material safety data sheet for armour etch is the stuff of nightmares, especially with kids in the house.

So I looked around online and saw that people were getting much nicer results with sandblasting. It took a bit of research to dig into which sandblasting equipment people were using. Eventually I ended up getting an air eraser and aluminum oxide. I dug around online for logos of my favorite fictional taverns, and came up with a few designs myself. I made vinyl stencils out of them on my cricut maker. I picked up both clear and colored glasses, and got to work. Overall, I was really surprised how easy sandblasting glass is and how well it came out! Will definitely try this again. I’m excited to try glass pie pans and Christmas ornaments.

Harry Potter themed pint glasses.

Potions themed stemless wine glasses.

Pint glass from one of my favorite books.