Sewing Harry Potter Hooded Towels!

I happened upon this Harry Potter Hooded Towel tutorial and both got really excited (the kids love Harry Potter and so do I!) and felt kind of dumb (when they were tiny I had all sorts of ideas for cool hooded towels and I never realized a hooded towel is just a hand towel + a bath towel).

When I saw the tutorial I got some red towels for quidditch robes like in the tutorial and also some black ones. But I did hit a small snag. They no longer make the cute Riley Blake chevron material linked in the tutorial, and a search of Joann/Michael/ didn’t yield any striped or chevron fabric in yellow/red at all! Luckily I found some red and white chevron fabric and soaked it in yellow dye.

Then I followed the tutorial for the red hooded towels, and modified a bit for the black ones. I’m really happy with the way they came out, and the kids love them!