Halloween 2017: Sewing Ghost and Bunny Costumes

The kids are really excited about their Halloween costumes this year, and they’ve been in deep debate about what they should be. Logan is adamant that Halloween costumes should be scary, and he wants to be a ghost with glowing red eyes. Cole ignored Logan’s passionate arguments for scary costumes and waffled between pumpkin and bunny for several days, finally deciding to be a bunny.

The bunny was pretty straightforward; I picked up fuzzy bunny fabric at Joann’s and once again used the trusty Running With Scissors woodland animal pattern. I have really gotten my $6 out of that thing! For the ears, I bought a toddler headband, shaped ears out of the fuzzy fabric, sewed them together and lined the insides with wire, and then wrapped the wire into the headband. I put the headband on Cole’s head and cut some earslots through his hood. I bought a fluffy bunny tail on Amazon to finish it off. He was one happy bunny!

Checking out the bunny costume in the mirror for the first time.

Logan’s was a bit trickier since he wanted to be a “really scary” ghost, and he wanted glowing red eyes. Doug 3D printed him a mask from a model on Thingiverse, with some modifications for LED eyes. I experimented with different types of fabric combinations until we found something that Logan found sufficiently scary: ripped sheer fabric over a basic white fleece cloak.

Here they are trick-or-treating in the finished costumes!