Halloween 2014: Monsters Inc Sully and Mike Wazowski!

This is our first Halloween with two kids and I was excited to work on costumes for both of them. Logan loved watching Monsters Inc so I decided to do Sully and Mike Wazowski costumes.

I started work on Logan’s Sully costume first. After much Googling, I decided to buy a vintage McCall’s 6628 pattern online, and I bought turquoise fur fabric at fabric.com. After those arrived, there was a lot of cutting and sewing to do! I spent several hours just cutting out the pieces.

Monsters Inc Pattern

Cutting Sully tail from fabric

Cutting Sully spikes from felt

With a lot of work, I got the costume body sewed together. Here’s Logan trying it on:

Preschool Sully costume body

The pattern included boots, which were surprisingly easy to put together. I used dark grey felt for the claws.

Sewing Sully monster claws from felt.

Sewing Monsters Inc Sully boots

The pattern also came with a hood. I sewed it together, and Doug altered it a bit by adding ping pong ball eyes and a play dough nose:

Sewing a Monsters Inc Sully costume mask

Eyes and nose for Monsters Inc Sully costume

I really wanted the costume to have purple spots! After researching a bit, I watered down purple fabric paint and dabbed it on:

Painting purple spots on a Monsters Inc Sully costume

Painting purple spots on a Monsters Inc Sully costume

I was worried the fur on the costume would look wet and matted, but after it dried and I did a light brushing, we ended up with subtle purple spots:

Sewing a preschool Monsters Inc Sully costume.

The Mike Wazowski costume for Cole needed more creativity–he’s still a baby, and there’s a lot of walking to be done on Halloween. So I decided to make a costume that could go in and out of the baby carrier. I started, again, with the same Running With Scissors pattern I used for Logan’s Curious George and Max costumes. This time I made it in green fleece:

Baby Mike Wazowski costume body in green fleece.

And threw together a matching hat with white horns:

Baby Monsters Inc costume hat in green fleece.

I also modified the Sully costume pattern to make some green boots with white claws.

Now for the hard part: the baby carrier. I did a Google image search to get a simple drawing of Mike’s face and printed out the mouth and eye, and used them as patterns to cut matching felt. Doug drew the iris of the eye with two different colored green sharpies. Then I glued the felt together and put it on some green fleece, and attached it to the baby carrier with safety pins. I put Cole in the costume in the carrier, and I love the way it turned out!

Sewing a Mike Wazowski baby carrier costume from Monsters Inc

Here’s some pictures of the final costumes:

Sewing Monsters Inc family costumes

Sewing family Sully and Mike Wazowski costumes from Monsters Inc.

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