Laser Etched Corian Marvel Coasters

At one point, we were considering remodeling our kitchen, and we got some Corian samples. We didn’t end up doing the remodel, but we left them sitting around the house to see how durable they are. My brother-in-law had always thought they made cool coasters.

When I took the laser class at Maker Works, I noticed one of the materials that can be etched is Corian. Since my brother-in-law loves superheroes, I thought superhero coasters would be a cool Christmas present.

I ordered some 4″x4″ samples in a dark color. They had some info printed on them, but it came off with rubbing alcohol.

I picked out a set of superheroes and used Google image search to find their logos. Then I used Vector Magic to convert the logo images into 1- or 2-color vectors. (Either black, or black and grey for the Avengers and Captain America logos). I sized the vectors in illustrator to match the size of the coasters.

Then I sent the jobs to the laser. Its built-in dithering made the black into a pretty sharp white, and the grey a light grey. They ended up with an almost 3D effect.

I uploaded the SVG files I used if anyone else wants to try this out:

Marvel logos etched on corian samples to make coasters.